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Register as an Employer

By registering as an employer on EURES, you will be able to search for CVs matching your requirements and view, save, and organise candidates to make recruitment easier.


Register as a Job Seeker

By creating a EURES jobseeker account, you will be able to upload your CV and make it available for search by employers across Europe and much more.


Interested in Internships ?

By creating a EURES internship account, interns will be able to upload your CV and search through internship opportunities whilst employers can submit internship opportunities.


The new and improved EURES portal was launched in 2014. With a brand new look and feel, and a new tool for creating and searching for CVs, the EURES Portal is now more user-friendly. To access the portal visit www.eures.europa.eu.

For jobseekers, there is a new way of creating your CV online describing your skills and previous employment accurately to employers using selectable keywords...

For employers, it is now easier to find suitable CVs using a better performing and more accurate CV search function.

There is also very useful information regarding living and working conditions, labour market information and information and contacts to the whole EURES network.

Video Tutorials can be found on the portal in order to help clients make the best use of the portal's facilities. Check out the video tutorial on the help and support pages of the EURES portal.


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